MedNetPro is your solution for health care access, navigation, cost management and administration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why Mednetpro?

MedNetPro partners with organizations, agencies, administrators and individuals to provide comprehensive, wrap-around healthcare coordination and affordability in Latin America and the Caribbean.   

We are experts, recognized for our established integrity, personalized service, continuous innovation, and record of accountability. 

 If you, your employees, or members, require health care in Latin America and the Caribbean, we offer: 

An extensive network of center-of-excellence health care systems, physicians, proceduralists, imaging centers, laboratories and other ancillary services; 

Comprehensive case management, inclusive of case review, care coordination, treatment plan analysis and translation, claims assessment, auditing, pre and post-service and fair pricing negotiations, and payment in preferred currency; 

Concierge service with customized navigation from presentation through completion. 

Our in-country network of health care providers and administrators provides an exceptional and affordable experience for patients, employees and members.   

Whether you are an international employer, insurer, third party administrator or individual seeking peace-of-mind coverage abroad, we are your advocate and back-office extension in Latin America and the Caribbean, assuring you with the very best care and service in the region.  

Partnering with MedNetPro, you will have access to of the highest caliber of healthcare providers while being serviced by an experienced administrative team focused on your top priorities.  

Our MedNetPro Healthcare Network provides comprehensive high-quality health care from the region’s most reputable providers with fair pricing.  The MedNetPro Healthcare Network includes the following: 

Emergency/Urgent Care

Executive check-ups

Adult and pediatric specialty consultations

Surgical and anesthesia care


Mental healthcare

Physical and occupational therapy

Laboratory, imaging and procedures

Infusion therapy, dialysis and pharmaceuticals

Care coordination

Home care

Telehealth services

Medical transport/evacuation

Other services, as needed

We value our partnerships and know who we serve – you!  Our team aims to meet and exceed your administrative, cost and service expectationsMedNetPro Administrative Functions are customizableOur menu includes 

Healthcare concierge services

Service suitability indexing (recommended fit to diagnoses/symptoms)

Case management and care navigation

Cost control: pre-service contracting, auditing and invoice negotiation (hospitals, doctors, etc.)

Pharmaceutical contracting

Care plan translation and interpretation

Utilization analysis and best practice reporting

Provider payments (direct and in preferred currency)

Additional services, as requested

MedNetPro offers tailored pricing, select local payment options, and health care that meets the highest international standards for quality and service delivery, providing exceptional experience to the most discerning client.  

MedNetPro is committed to providing personalized and responsive service, helping you control costs, and sharing our expertise to help you maximize your employee and member benefits.   

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who can benefit from MedNetPro?

International payors (insurers, third party administrators)


Self-pay individuals

Employees/Members and Families



Through LATAM Offices

United States · Brazil · Colombia · Costa Rica · Paraguay · México · Jamaica · Trinidad y Tobago · El Salvador 

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