Is a program designed for members affiliated with the Organization of Professionals Belonging to MedNetPro.
This is the way in which professionals participate in order to obtain wealth within the organization. Doctors and other medical providers are chosen by MedNetPro through reputable references or reputations in their countries for which they are invited to belong to that organization.
Steps to join:
We have simplified for your convenience, Registration in MEDNETPRO, in simple steps:


Upon receiving an invitation they will be contacted for an interview to discuss the opportunity to belong to MedNetPro, once the interview is over and if it is in their interest to participate, the legal terms of their participation will be sent.
Since the offer includes the ability of the medical professional to have shareholding in MedNetPro, extreme care is taken in the legal terms, since it becomes a lifetime participation, that is, it becomes part of its assets in the future, and a future source of income.


Once signed the agreement in the Medical Professional and MedNetPro, it enters the system joining a select group of professionals in its branch and in its country, which circulate among other partners of the medical profession in other countries, When these colleagues, they receive cases of patients who want or need to be treated in another country, either by opting for treatment alternatives, looking for professionals recognized for their effectiveness with new treatments in other geographical areas that are not their own.


When one of the partners in the “giving countries” finds that their patient is a candidate, for any of the above mentioned circumstances, to be treated in another country, they will initiate an event with Gema in which they will be given three options of attention with different providers. , these will provide in the stipulated time, proposals of attention with economic offer. The client will choose a center and doctor to attend to and approve the terms of the offer. Gema will coordinate the entire trip for purposes of treatment.

Once the service is concluded and having confirmed with the client, Gema will pay the provider, according to the agreed terms, within 5 days after receiving the invoice for the services provided. The conclusion of this process generates the entry of Gema Rewards.




It is calculated based on the amounts billed by the provider to the patient.

1. Amounts under $ 10,000 credit a maximum of 30 gems
2. Amounts between $ 10,001 and $ 30,000 credit a maximum of 60 Gems
3. Amounts above $ 30,001 credit a maximum of 100 Gems


it is calculated based on the discount percentage that is established from the UCR prices of the determined tables.

In Brazil the UCR is calculated at a maximum of 10 times what is established in the CBHPM).
This discount will generate Gema Rewards as detailed below.
1. Discount of 50% or more, a maximum of 100 Gems
2. Discount of up to 25% a maximum of 50 Gems
3. Minimum discount of 10%


Refers to the number of cases that the provider receives and treats during the year.
From 1 to 4 patients a maximum of 20 gems
From 5 to 9 patients a maximum of 72 gems
From 10 or more patients a maximum of 100 gems

Gema Rewards will be deposited in the “vault” at the end of the second year they can be exchanged for shares of the company.
These shares will be deposited in a “Escrow” account for a period of 5 years, at the end of the 6th year the shares will be delivered to the supplier as they have been exchanged.

The shares exchangeable during this period are Class C Shares without voting rights, with a par value of $ 0.10.

The member can have a total of 300 Gema Rewards per year, and convert them into a total of 200 actions per year.
That is to say, 300 shares = to 200 type C shares that can be exchanged annually.

Upon reaching a minimum of 5 years, having completed the Escrow period and having 1,000 shares, the associate can exchange these shares for Type B shares with the right to vote. 1000 C shares can be converted into 250 B shares with a par value of $ 4.00 each.

These actions are “vested” and yield a life estate, which may contribute to the shareholder retirement plan.

The annual profits of the company are an incentive of the contribution of each one, this incentive is directly linked to the Gema Rewards that the shareholder accumulates in the current year.

The board of directors will dispose of the need to increase the distribution according to the need for investment, and to the bonuses based on the Gema Rewards.

After the incentives have been paid, and the costs of growth determined, the profits will be distributed to the partners.


Download online the package of registration forms that contains:

The application for membership in the GEMA HEALTHCARE Network and type of membership
Personal information of the patient.
Medical Information Disclosure Authorization.